Norm Olson has been a photographer for over 40 years. He is a retired biologist from the University of California San Diego and he spent his career taking both film and digital images with an electron microscope. He has also designed numerous images that have been printed on the covers of scientific journals. Biology has been a major component of his photography and he has focused on landscapes and the macro photography of flowers. Norm also creates large panoramic images and 360X180 virtual reality panoramas. Norm has extensive experience printing images in the wet darkroom and he is also a fine-art, digital printer. He is always looking for color, the strong contrast of a good image created in black and white, and the strong design elements that are abundant in nature. He has displayed his work in numerous San Diego galleries and elsewhere and he is a member of the PhotoArts Group in the Escondido Gallery. Contact him at normolson(at)san(dot)rr(dot)com